Lumbopelvic Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging

A Clinical Training Course | Oct 28-29, 2023

About the Course

This two-day satellite-format course is designed as a competency-based model following international recommendations. Lectures followed by hands-on instruction for the utilization of rehabilitative ultrasound imaging (RUSI) for lumbopelvic dysfunction are the basis of the curriculum. The material will explore the scope of practice, ultrasound science, clinical evidence, regional anatomy, image generation, and ultrasound probe techniques for evaluating tissue morphology and motor pattern training. Clinical applications include a variety of lumbopelvic dysfunctions, including lumbosacral pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis rectus, pelvic organ prolapse, outlet dysfunction constipation, and chronic pelvic pain.

A prerequisite list of RUSI terminology and three hours of recorded lectures followed by a quiz must be completed prior to course onset. Saturday morning will begin with a review of recorded material, proceeded by a live lecture. Technique demonstrations and hands-on lab training sessions with ultrasound equipment and skills assessment will follow each lecture. Faculty will be present during all lab sessions for assistance in learning. The afternoon of day two is specific to pelvic health diagnoses.

Crown Point, IN

Host Location

Community Stroke and Rehabilitation Center

Houston, TX

Satellite Location

Memorial Hermann Medical Center

Portland, OR

Satellite Location

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Long Beach, CA

Satellite Location

Women's Advantage and Men's Optimal Health PT

Self-Hosted Pod

For those with RUSI Equipment

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