Home COVID-19 Precautions for All EchoGen Portal Sites

For everyone’s safety, please observe the following precautions.

  1. DO NOT attend an in-person course if you have symptoms or are awaiting the results of a COVID test.
  2. If you have been exposed to anyone testing positive within the ten days prior to course onset, please keep everyone safe and test yourself before attending an in-person event. 
  3. We follow CDC guidelines that recommend all individuals wear medical-grade masks (N-95 optional) while indoors. Cloth masks or neck gaiters do not provide sufficient protection and will not be acceptable.
  4. We are requesting the lecture areas to allow for social distancing standards of 6 feet between students if they wish to lower their masks for eating or drinking. 
  5. Host/satellite hospitals may be under additional local requirements/mandates regarding masks, temperature checks, or proof of vaccination. EGPS respects and will enforce these policies. All participants will be informed of any such requirements. 
  6. Hosts will no longer provide an open snack table. Participants are allowed to bring their food and beverages to the course.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available at all course locations. 
  8. Attendees should register for a location close to their home to limit the need for air travel.  

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